AVF Punto donation

AVF Punto donation

AVF Punto donation

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Punto-AVF-1The Rotary Club Sassuolo continues its good work in the ceramic district. This time the club donated a car to the voluntary group Associazione Volontariato Fioranese (AVF). The ceremony for the official handing over of the car took place on Saturday 8th February 2014 at the headquarters of the Fiorano voluntary association, in the presence of the Mayor of Fiorano Claudio Pistoni, the vice Mayor Maria Paola Bonilauri, the President of AVF Guido Pellati and the President of Rotary Club Sassuolo Davide Guidi, accompanied by several fellow Rotarians.

The donation consists of a white Fiat Punto 1300 Multijet diesel car featuring the logo of the Rotary Club and the name of the voluntary group. The car will be used for couriering test tubes of blood products from the hospital in Sassuolo to that of Baggiovara in Modena, for blood tests. In addition to this service, the vehicle donated by the Rotary Club will also be used for taking disabled people to their places of work, for taking senior citizens to and from care homes and for school runs for disabled youngsters.

Punto-AVF-3“I’m very proud of this initiative”, said Rotary Sassuolo President, Davide Guidi “as it provides a valuable service to the community by specifically supporting such an important voluntary work association that operates round the clock in this area. Of the current 47 club members, one particularly long-serving Rotarian, Primo Bonacorsi, is also a member of AVF and this further strengthens the link between our two organisations. Our thanks to Fiorano municipal council and Mayor Pistoni, who has always cultivated close links with the Rotary club and shown great interest in all our initiatives”.

Punto-AVF-5“The voluntary sector brings precious lifeblood to Fiorano and today is an important instance of that” declared the Mayor of Fiorano, Claudio Pistoni. “I commend the Rotary club for yet another social project in our area, which comes on the back of the extremely important and valuable defibrillator project, which saw the donation of these 3 life-saving pieces of equipment to our Council area. Our thanks to AVF for the excellent service they offer our community, from their blood products courier service to transport for the disabled, which is testament to the dedication of the people of Fiorano who selflessly devote their own time and professionalism for others”.

“This donation is very important for us” confirmed the president of AVF Guido Pellati “because with the services that we provide on a daily basis, the car will clock up over 110,000 Km a year. Our voluntary association, which is registered with Emilia-Romagna region, was founded in 1995 and today has 145 active volunteers. AVF works in partnership with the Modena 118 emergency service and with Sassuolo hospital – providing the latter with a 24/7 service – and also works closely with Fiorano social services department. My thanks once again to the Rotary club for the great generosity they have shown us”.

“I too would like to applaud this wonderful initiative”, stated last of all the Mayor Fiorano Maria Paola Bonilauri “because in this instance the generosity of the Rotary club has extended to an association that does so much good work in the Fiorano area. The fact that an important organisation like the Rotary club has donated this automobile to AVF, which is a real credit to Fiorano, just goes to show how the world of voluntary work groups and associations can sometimes achieve what is simply beyond local administrations”.

The vehicle presentation ceremony rounded off with a dinner attended by the Rotary club members and the AVF volunteers, organised by the Volontari in Movimento voluntary association


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