Rotary, training and information

Rotary, training and information

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Training is generally associated with the term learning. It means giving a form, assign a meaning, in effect creating a new knowledge and awareness. In the minds of the experts training is linked to a prospect, the future, to become, to transform organizations and the scenario. Training, otherwise from training, is set to move the motivational processes of people and enhances the motivation in particular towards common goals.

Close but different from the training is the information, which is often associated with the knowledge and experience of others, which may be useful because they allow you to not having to deal with personal situations.

Training and information are two processes present in all types of institutions; guarantee the identity, history, continuity and a sense of belonging of its affiliates.

Training and information must then characterize Rotary?

Rotary is an institution unifying, which certainly needs of training and information to prevent, in a constantly changing society, to mummify. And ‘Paul Harris’s statement “Rotary does not stop, can not stop because ours is a changing world and we must change with it.”

With training you can give shape to the shares, with the information you can pass on knowledge. With both you can try to be not only members, more or less interested in the activities of the Club or the District, but be good Rotarians, making understandable and recognizable our commitment, our action and the responsibilities that we have taken with the ‘ be Rotarians.

Against the new members is only right illustrate the Rotary and its aims to prevent it being identified as a circle of friends, who come together to pass along some evenings, but also explain the rules of the Club, the responsibilities arising from positions and the rules of conduct of a Rotarian.

We must also help all members to direct their efforts in the various structures of the club based on their personal inclinations, their attitudes and their curiosity.

But it is still not enough, it is necessary that the motivation and the pride of belonging promised entry into the Club are maintained over time; the initial enthusiasm has to be strengthened and maintained adequate to render his services certainly above the self-interest but also in step with the evolutionary processes of the company.

So continuing education, a sort of Life-long Learning Rotarian who responds to the need to avoid mummification and the self.

Terenzio Tabanelli – Past President











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