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Decode – Collective exhibition from 17/12/2014 to 28/02/2015

Art and solidarity team up again at Sassuolo hospital, striving to enhance the local area’s positive forces. Four Italian artists, forty-two works of art and one precise aim: to support the ‘CSH’ Centre in Sassuolo which looks after school-age children with cognitive learning difficulties from all over the local health district (so also in the municipal areas of Fiorano, Formigine, Maranello, Prignano, Frassinoro and Montefiorino).

This is the fil rouge of the exhibition “ Decode”, promoted by the VolontariArte association and Rotary Club Sassuolo, which will run in the hospital until 28th February 2015, offering a veritable ‘sensory journey’ through the paintings of Elisabetta Bisconcin, Angelo Rambaldi, Gioacchino Passini and Luciano Bonini, linked by a shared message of hope. Half of the proceeds from the sale of artworks will be donated to the Sassuolo centre for the disabled, Centro Servizi Handicap (CSH).

“With this initiative, Sassuolo hospital continues along the path it first embarked on ten years ago, thanks to the hard work of VolontariArte – underlined the General Manager Bruno Zanaroli – acting as a gathering place for all those positive forces which have always thrived in this area. I would like to thank all those who have made this project possible: the artists who provided their works, the Rotary Club which with great determination supported the event and those who have chosen, or will choose, to buy a piece of art”.

“A contemporary art exhibition in a hospital – explained Corrado Lavini, surgeon and chairman of Rotary Club Sassuolo – mustn’t come as a surprise to people. It is not the first time that Sassuolo hospital has committed itself to this kind of event. After all, art is therapeutic on so many levels: it reassures and comforts patients, visitors and health workers too. And it makes the hospital a more familiar, comfortable environment. A commendable initiative therefore, also because it is linked to a specific project to support a structure born and bred in the Sassuolo area, which relies on the formidable driving force of figurative art to achieve its goals”.

The images are not restricted to realism, but offer visitors a new dimension through which to view the world. It is precisely through colour and light that artists give new life to elements of nature and ‘things’. This is the message that we would like all those who visit the exhibition to “decode”.



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